Narcissus Bulb Fly control question using fly control tags for cattle

Laura & Dave
Thu, 09 Oct 2008 12:06:47 PDT
Justin Smith wrote:
> ... to control horn flies, face flies and ticks. From their 
> description they appear to be some type of plastic tags impregnated 
> with differing combinations of chemicals ...
I would be hesitant to use this product until I investigated what 
chemicals were being used, and what insects (and other phyla) were 
affected).  As flies and ticks are not closely related, I'd worry that 
the tags are rather broad spectrum, and that there would be many more 
problems from wiping out beneficials than gains from narcissus fly 
control.  It would appear from the method of application that vapors are 
the means of inoculation, like the old pest strips.  What would this 
mean for pets, kids and gardeners who would be around the flower beds? 

Dave Brastow


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