Fall Potted Bulb Labelling Project--machines

Blee811@aol.com Blee811@aol.com
Tue, 21 Oct 2008 19:26:49 PDT
The labeling method I have been using for years is to access my database to  
print the desired information on clear Avery address labels which I then 
burnish  down to the zinc plates on metal legs sold by Eon Industries. The company 
has  advertised in The Daffodil Journal for several years.
If facing east, the labels do fade after a few years. But they rarely  
disappear. In recent days I have attempted to recycle some and remove the old  
labels, but even acetone will only remove the upper layer, although this works  
because that's where the laser toner printing is so I now have a relatively new  
plate. The legs do tend to rust and break after some years, so not 100% of 
them  can be recycled.
Bill Lee
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