To B (X) or not to B (X) ?

D Anderson
Sat, 18 Oct 2008 12:08:09 PDT
I would be interested but I'm always interested in plants.

:) Donna in Winnipeg, Manitoba

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> Dear Dell et al,
> I know we have gotten very expansive in our inclusion of 
> 'bulbous' topics and plant materials included in the BX, but I wonder 
> if this is going too far.
> I am ready to donate a dozen or more small plants of 
> Euphorbis decaryi 'Nova'
> This is tropical succulent from Madagascar that only grows a 
> few inches tall with a crown of wrinkled succulent foliage.  I 
> grow this in a shallow, but wide pot and in a short time it fills the 
> pot. This species is dioecious, the sexes are in separate plants and 
> I can't recall, but this either a male or female (that's a joke, 
> guys) . Its small pendant flowers are insignificant.
> So why even think to donate to the PBS BX?
> Although the plant is only a few inches tall, it makes fairly 
> large white underground storage roots. These can wander up to 4 or 5 
> inches and some will, form new plants on the end (rhizomes?), but 
> others seem destined simply for storage.  So they are geophytes or 
> geophytic.
> But is there  an interest in a house plant, succulent?  Dell, 
> you get the biggest vote, but appreciate interest in others.
> If there's interest, I'll send the Dell next week. 
> Best Jim W.
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