Free moraea corms

Wed, 08 Oct 2008 16:58:58 PDT
I would like some of: 1,3,9,and 10, if possible

Richard Wagner
P.O. Box 252
Vista CA 92085

Thanks you!

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To all moraea lovers,  I have an excess of winter growing S Africa moraeas
in my inland California location. These are all good corm formers. I'm sorry
I don.t have a website, but pictures are on the wiki. 1.) Moraea aristata-
12 in. with blue center peacock. Multiplies well with stolons. Does better
near the Calif. coast. Rare in nature. Nonfugacious. 2.) M. ciliata- 4-6 in.
miniature slate blue or 6-8 in. blue and yellow irislike blossom. Blooms
early-Feb.-March. Multiplies exceedingly with many basilar cormlets forming
small clumps. Fugcious but periodic repeat blooms for 4-8 weeks. Tolerates
frost. 3.) M. gigandra-12in. largest blosomed peacock lavender with a black
and white center crescent. Nonfugacious. Multiplies fairly well with seed
and cormlets. Rare in nature. 4.) M. macrocarpa.- 3 in. with
disproportinally large violet and yellow blossom. Very fugacious and
blooming period short. 5.) M. macronyx- 4-6 in. yellow/white irislike
blossom. Feb.-March. a real charmer. 
 Seeds and basal cormlets poorly, but makes under ground cormlets forming
nice small colonies. Fugacious but repeats periodically for 6 weeks. 6.) M.
polyanthos- 12-14 in. with light blue medium 6 petal blossoms. Late bloomer
-June. Fugacious opening in late afternoon with a shower of blossoms. Nice
but not exciting. However, it is the best reproducer-self pollinating and
vigorous cormlet production. 7.) M. tripetela- varying shades of blue
slender iris like blossoms. Not spectacular but very nice en masse in a long
narrow pot or colony in the ground. Non fugacious. Actually it is the very
best reproducer by seed and underground stolons and cormlets. 8.) M. vegeta-
http://4-6in.tan/yellow/ small blossoms. Not spectacular, but interesting.
Fugacious. Self pollinating. 9.)M. tulbaghensis- 12 in. orange large peacock
with brown or green center. Non fugacious. Fair seedmaker but an excellent
underground corm producer. Rare in nature. 10.)  M. villosa- The queen of
the peacocks. 12 in. wi
 th white to purple with greento blue iridescent centers. Non fugacious.
Makes seed well and underground corms even better. They do well in a well
drained lean mix. If you want some, I will try to accommodate you. Let me
know. I apologize for the length of this message.

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