Walleria gracilis

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Wed, 08 Oct 2008 01:12:01 PDT
Afraid I know little about the plant that I am trying to grow, but will give it a good watering

Jonathan Hutchinson 

Devon UK 

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A week or so ago this was discussed in relation to its sporadic appearance
- only some years.

I also got some of this seed the time Rachel offered it. In 2004 I planted
the seed, dividing the 15 seeds into 3 pots. Three sprouted in one of the
pots and none in the other two. The following year nothing came up in any
pot. The next year one plant came up in the pot that had sprouted before.
Last year again just the one plant sprouted. This spring I discarded the
other two pots.

A few weeks ago I decided to take out the Veltheimea seed pots and water
them. I store things alphabetically and I accidentally pulled out the
Walleria as well. Without realizing this I have been soaking it since. It
is in my kitchen windowsill since days here are still near 100 F / 38C
though nights are cooling to the 70s F / 23C. The Walleria has sprouted
and is much better looking than in previous years. I have not unpotted it
so I don't know how big is the tuber. I'm still hoping the other two might
be alive but I doubt it. Any idea if this is self-fertile?

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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