chinese cooking

Mon, 06 Oct 2008 13:19:26 PDT
i know the subject line sounds a bit off topic, but i promise i'm talking about some of our plants...

i was on one of my infrequent trips to chinatown today and i saw some
leafy vegetables in a sidewalk stand that looked somewhat
intriguing.  they were somewhat triangular leaves along a
stem.  i thought to myself, these look like Ipomoea leaves. 
i asked someone what they were, and she said they were sweet potato
leaves!  in my infinite ignorance, i never knew that sweet potato
leaves were edible.  of course i had heard of water spinach, which
is an Ipomoea, but a totally different one.

also, i have read that in china there's a garlic variety that produces
a bulb with a single clove.  does anyone know anything about this
garlic?  does it taste distinct from the "regular" kind?


tsuh yang


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