Way off topic - Hedge apples are ripe

Mark Mazer markmazerandfm13@earthlink.net
Fri, 17 Oct 2008 06:53:11 PDT
  gloves are 
>best as the latex is hard to remove and itchy to some.  It  also destroyed our 
>dissection scalpels, they latex won't wash off with soap and  water, one needs 
>nasty stuff like acetone to get it off the blades, but then the  plastic 
>handles are weakened.  So this year I am going to use a large knife  to quarter the 
>fruits, and plastic disposable knives for the students to pick  out the seeds. 


Try mineral oil (or peanut butter, but that might prove problematic in your school setting)  to remove the sticky substance from the scalpels.

Old fashioned "orange sticks", used to manipulate cuticles during a manicure, were made from osage orange wood.

Mark Mazer
Hertfor4d, North Carolina, USA  

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