Chinese Edible Plants

James Waddick
Mon, 06 Oct 2008 22:09:13 PDT
Dear David and Jana,
	Stem lettuce is not like a leaf lettuce at all and does not 
form a head. Instead the central stem elongates sort of like an 
inverted carrot - larger at the base and small as it goes up. To 
prepare, you remove the leaves (don't know if they are edible like 
lettuce leaves. Then peel the rough and sometime woody outer layer 
until you reach the pale green smooth inner core. This can be sliced 
in thin diagonal slices and stir fried, or chunks and added to soup. 
Lots of other ways too.
	There's a pic at
	It does not taste like asparagus to me, nor celery. Very mild 
and crunchy.

>Celtuce is sold in season in oriental markets, such as the 99 Ranch 
>Markets.  I am quite fond of it, but thick stems can be

	Lucky you.  When is the season where you are?

>Water spinach used to be sold in packages in ordinary supermarkets. 
>I don't know why they call it that

	It is usually grown in water  as an aquatic plant.

	The I'itoi onion looks sort of like a sprouted garlic bulb 
and very interesting. Never heard of this one before, but must have 
been an important native food, just to survive to this day.

	A host of edible bulbs and tubers off the beaten track.

	If anyone can find a source of one-bulb garlic, I'd love to 
know. Anyone know an adventurous grower in Gilroy , the garlic 

		Thanks all.			Jim W.
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