Fall Potted Bulb Labelling Project--machines

Tim Harvey zigur@hotmail.com
Tue, 21 Oct 2008 23:20:35 PDT
I use a P-Touch labeler, and it is able to import excel spreadsheets in an appropriate format (comma separated, .csv) and print them in batch mode. The process is straightforward an also flexible.
T> Has anyone used any of the P-touch machines that connect with your computer > so you can create labels from your existing database? If so, any > recommendations or cautions?> Bill Lee> **************New MapQuest Local shows what's happening at your destination. > Dining, Movies, Events, News & more. Try it out > (http://local.mapquest.com/?ncid=emlcntnew00000002)> _______________________________________________> pbs mailing list> pbs@lists.ibiblio.org> http://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/list.php> http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/

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