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Mon, 15 Sep 2008 20:26:36 PDT
On 15 Sep 08, at 18:23, Jim McKenney wrote:

> How does one do Alt + 0215? I think I would need yoga fingers to do that! 

In the belief that you are not the only one wondering, here's how to do it in 

Press and hold down either alt key. (They're at both ends of the space bar.)

while the Alt key is depressed, key the digits 0-2-1-5 on the numeric keypad to 
the right of the main section of the keyboard.

Release the Alt key.

You can find out what characters are in any font using Character Map, which 
also tells you what keys to press to get them. Older versions of windows only 
gave direct access to 255 characters, but the most recent versions are more or 
less fully Unicode compliant so you have a repertory potentially in the tens of 
thousands of characters you can use.

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