Cypella herbertii

David Ehrlich
Thu, 11 Sep 2008 12:11:41 PDT
Well, I received the seed in Feb. 2007.  I don't have notes on the exact date of palnting, but I guess early March.  The potting mix would have been half sand, half commercial seedling potting mix, and they would have been kept in a warm humid environment until one or two leaves appeared at which time I would have placed the germinated pots in a bright, but not too sunny spot.  I had to leave at the beginning of July, at which time I volunteered a friend to care for the seeds/seedlings; I have no information on that period, but I'm guessing that the seedlings remained evergreen through their first winter.  I recovered the plants at the beginning of July, (so far I count 16 months).  One pot had two small plants.  At the end of August (18 months) I noticed that one of the "leaves" was actually a flower scape; the flower opened on September 5.  (The second plant has a flower scape, and I expect it to bloom in a few weeks.)
So far as growing conditions, except for the seedling, the plant was grown in a pot outdoors in typical coastal California weather, in a bright but not too sunny location until July when I recovered the pot and put it in full sun.  I water plants enough to keep the potting mix moist with a rather dilute mixture of plant food + Dr. Earth micronutrients, except when it's very hot, at which time they get plain water.
David Ehrlich
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David ,

How long did it take Cypella herbertii to bloom from seed for you? Also,  what conditions did you grow them in?

Dianne Martinelli
Concord, California
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