Lycoris -Last act

James Waddick
Thu, 18 Sep 2008 09:47:58 PDT
Dear Friends,
	As expected, the last Lycoirs to bloom are making a final weak show.
	Although I know from the foliage that there must be at least 
20 bulbs in place, 2 stalks have appeared on L. radiata radiata, the 
sterile triploid clone.

	I know this is considered a near weed in mild parts of the US 
esp. the Gulf Coast where it multiplies like mad and blooms its head 
off. The color is a nice rich red even though individual flowers are 
among the smallest in the genus.

	I think we had a good growing season, since in some years 
there are no bloom on L. radiata at all so I should appreciate the 2 
stalks I have even more.  As good as the growing season is, there are 
no stalks at all from L. houdyshelii which 'should' bloom 

	As these late blooms are appearing, earlier flowering 
species have seeds ripening and I'll try to collect them as the 
stalks fall over and hide the heads in the grass. Each flower can 
produce upwards of a dozen seeds, but usually closer to 3 or 4 each. 
Seeds on the largest species are easily the size of a English pea and 
smaller species 1/2 that diameter.

	Sad to see the display finish up after a good  6 weeks since 
my first report on Aug. 6. There has been a literal rainbow of colors 
and forms at a time when there is little else that can challenge the 
Lycoris show here.

	And I think they have all recovered from a disastrous freeze 
in spring of last year that halted almost all bloom last fall.

	Next year !		Best		Jim W.
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