Fragrance in Colchicums
Sat, 27 Sep 2008 12:12:51 PDT
On 26 Sep 08, at 20:43, Tom Mitchell wrote:

> Does anyone know of a reference work on Colchicum more recent (and  better
> illustrated) than E.A. Bowles' book form the fifties? I'd love  to try and
> identify what I've got... 

Rix & Phillips, "The Bulb Book", 1981

Mathew, "The Smaller Bulbs", 1987

Grey-Wilson & Mathew, "Bulbs; The bulbous plants of Europe and their allies", 

Synge, "Collins Guide to Bulbs", 1971

However, as with some other groups of plants, the cultivar names in Colchicum 
seem to be irremediably scrambled, and have been for a long time, so there's no 
guarantee that even fairly authoritative books like these have it right.

It might be best to identify not as "this bulb is such-and-such cultivar" but, 
rather, "this bulb matches thus-and-so in book-X, something else in book Y, 

Good luck.

PS: Please try to take photographs that make clear the distinctive features of 
each of the forms you have and post them to the PBS Wiki with such 
identifications as you are able to pin down. A 17% neutral gray card may be 
helpful in compensating for color balance issues.

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