to italicize or not to italicize...

Jim McKenney
Mon, 15 Sep 2008 11:14:45 PDT
Two things about Jane McGary’s response to this thread caught my eye.


Jane, I’m curious about your recommendation to capitalize the initial O in
oncocyclus. If we do not capitalize the initial letters of genera used as
vernacular names, what justification is there for the capitalization the
initial letter of a subgeneric taxon used the same way?  


Now on to something entirely different. You mention a crocus name “ there
are some names such as Crocus x jessopiae”.  Bowles published this name as
Crocus jessoppiae (i.e., with two letters p) and, as if to forestall any
“improvements” of his spelling went on to cite the name of the eponym, Miss
Euphemia Jessopp.  I notice that both you and Brian Matthew use other
spellings. I think this might be a case of great minds thinking alike, but


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