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Wed, 10 Sep 2008 08:06:51 PDT
Dear Jim:

My pink R. bifida (also known as R. bifida v. spathacea) are all in bloom, 
and show a variety of pinks from very pale to very deep pink.  Other 
Rhodophialas in bloom are R. chilense, R. auracana, R. advena and R. 
pratensis, but the latter have been blooming off and on since mid-summer. 
The red R. bifida are just starting to bloom, and I have a pot of the 
fertile form which always blooms first, then the other one that doesn't set 
seed follows soon after.  I love them.  They are so easy and reliable, and 
the color is great.

Telos Rare Bulbs
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> Dear All,
> This is a slow time in the garden. A sudden cold front, rains
> from a lagging Gustav and lower temps have slowed things down a lot.
> Lycoris caldwellii is still going strong and my optimism is
> for bloom on the later L. radiata and relatives.
> A small patch of color is provided by a pot of Rhodophiala
> bifida in a gallon pot. On the one hand it really isn't much, but the
> color is great and the amount of care is minimal so it is getting
> more attention -at least admiration- for a few days now. Mine is from
> the Texas 'form' which I have tried in the garden, but without
> success. just pushing it a bit too much.
> Anyone else blooming it now?
> Best Jim W.
> ps. I meant to comment earlier about Judy G's note on 'Friendly
> INvaders'. You mean it isn't all black & White and there are shades
> of grey? Whoda Knew? Thanks for the link.
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