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Back in 1971 I did drive over the crest of those hills one morning just 
after dawn on my way out for a day of bird watching.  The only other 
moving thing I saw as I crested one hill was a rather surprised looking 
Bobcat sauntering along the middle of the road.  Sorry to be off topic, 
but your sentence about the hills above Redwood City carried me right 
back to that moment.

Steve Putman

David Ehrlich wrote:
> During my extended absence from the S.F.BayArea, my seedlings (those that survived) lost their identifying labels.  So, on my return, they were relabeled Unknown-1, Unknown-2, etc.  Well, over the weekend Cypella herbertii (no longer unknown) opened its first flower; an incredibly large flower for such a small frail plant.  A second scape is up, and looks like it will bloom in maybe 2 weeks.  The seed was from AlbertoCastilloin BX140.
> Also, Gladiolus papilio is still in bloom, having started a few weeks ago, and apparently going to continue for a few weeks.
> Around mid-August Lewisia was covered with flowers; now it is down to its last few.  I bought the plant in Juneat OSHbecause it was pretty.  But it didn’t do well, so I repotted it, and suddenly it burst into life and flower.
> A few annuals help to provide color: Zinnias, of course, Cosmos sulphureus, a Pelargonium that I know nothing about including how I came to own it, and a glorious nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus) with masses of velvety Chinese red flowers is producing seed which I hope will be true. A shady area is brightened by a rhizomatous Begonia, a Tricyrtis and an Impatiens namchabarwensis which are all pretty full of flowers, although the last named looks like it's close to done blooming (I read somewhere that this is a perennial – I hope so).
> David Ehrlich
> I live in the hills above Redwood City.  It is considerably cooler (and sometime foggier) here than downtown, which is flat and just off the Bay.  On the other hand, just cross the crest of these hills and you'll be on the ocean side, which is considerably cooler and foggier than here.
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