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Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 15 Sep 2008 12:53:17 PDT
Dear David,

Messages to our list can only be in text. You must have sent yours both in 
html and text. The html (formatting) was stripped and the text remained. 
This is why some message sometimes appear blank when we get them. The html 
has been stripped and nothing is left.

What's interesting about this is that formatting your messages to make 
words bold, a different font or size, underlined, italicized, marked 
through and adding images all make the message html. But it appears that 
there are some symbols that can be added that allow the message to be text.

When we started this list, anything done in html came out unreadable in the 
archives so that's why we set it up for text. Also we hoped that using text 
would make for easier cross platform sharing and allowing everyone to read 
the message regardless of the equipment they used. Symbols are not always 
seen the same cross platform however even if the message is text.

I'm sorry that made it difficult for you to share examples in the most 
recent thread. You can write Jen privately with your examples however since 
the whole purpose of the question was to help her with the newsletter.

Mary Sue

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