Botanical Italics
Wed, 17 Sep 2008 12:31:31 PDT
David indeed you are quite right to flag up Scilla peruviana and as it is grown here in our collection of Scilla / Squills but my only defence [sorry about the standard English spelling] is that I am up to my next and beyond in matters Lilium and it is alleged around here that I seem to have lost the plot in relation to all the other wee plants here but when things like Lilium souliei have both flowered and produced bulbils on non flowering stems ye cannae help but be a wee bit more motivated. Some other Lily species not noted for stem bulbil production have made their abilities in that department known and I am wondering to what extent this has been due to lack of pollination for quite a lot of plants this year with so much cold the pollinator insects have barely been around to all manner of plant genera. Has anyone else had a similar outcome? We had -4 C on 22nd June = midsummer here this year and the same on 19th of June last year. In some cases flowers have simply been frosted off, except the usual hardmen like LL.pyrenaicum and martagon. Lilium pardalinum had all but two flowers frosted off and any hopes for seed from that taxon are truly down the pan for this year, so much for Woodcock and Stearn's quote "The Leopard of Panther Lily of California is one of the hardiest and most easily grown of American lilies........" So much for global warming @ c.58 degrees on the far north western edge of Europe! Never mind the Lilium pyrifolium is flowering right now with a few Asian species right behind, hopefully no early frosts will prevent seed production but I wouldn't bet on that. We have a good production of seed from both L.L. pyrenaicum & martagon if of any interest to folks across the pond. if so let me know and I will find a way to sort that as we have friends arriving here from BC for a funeral sadly and they might be one route is timing works out.


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