Habranthus and Zephyranthes

Kelly Irvin kellso@irvincentral.com
Mon, 08 Sep 2008 08:01:59 PDT
Narad (Richard Eggenberger) wrote:
> The first is regarding cutting back the foliage to reduce the parcel  
> so that I may hand carry the bulbs.  They would be out of the ground  
> for probably no more than 48 hours.  Will cutting the foliage cause a  
> major set back to the bulbs?
Won't bother them at all. Cut all you want. They'll make more.
> Secondly, if I have to leave some of the bulbs here (I now have one  
> hundred+ pots) can I store them in pots in a frost proof room with  
> some light but no water from the end of October until my return on  
> March 3rd.
As long as the room is fairly cool, 45-65°F, and you are not dealing 
with any bulb diseases or pests, they will do wonderfully. I don't think 
I would store the pots with too much initial moisture in them, though.

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