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Fri, 12 Sep 2008 15:51:17 PDT
At my late mother's garden in Myrtle Beach, SC, the garden was a riot of 
pink and white oxalis for most of the winter. I have no idea what 
species they were, but most were the standard pass-along type common to 
many southern gardens. These turned into HUGE clumps, with clusters of 
bulbs at least six inches in diameter. Of course, every little piece 
that broke off made a new clump. Weedy? Yes, but very satisfying for a 
hot, sandy plot.

I recall sending her a couple of 'fancy' types from bulb catalogs 
(mainly Dutch), probably purpurea types, and they did just as well. I'm 
thinking that if she was still alive, I'd be sending her some from PBS 
or Diana to try.

Anyone care to speculate what the common oxalis was that she grew? For 
all I know it wasn't even South African...


Telos Rare Bulbs wrote:
> Does anyone have experience growing South African oxalis in the southern 
> states?  I often send orders to the south, and wonder how they will do in 
> the winters there.
> Diana
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