Additional information about Pacific BX 184

Dell Sherk
Mon, 22 Sep 2008 14:08:03 PDT
Dear All,


Mary Sue Ittner has kindly sent her notes on her donations of seeds that
appear on BX 184. She sent them to me before, and I lost them.


8. Allium peninsulare -- California native

9. Cyclamen coum ssp elegans

10. Brimeura amethystina

11. Watsonia coccinea

12. Cyclamen coum ssp coum forma albissimum

13. Wurmbea (Onixotis) stricta

14. Nothoscordum sp. seed from Harry Hay, original seed from Chile, white
flowers. He called it N. ostenii, but that species has yellow
flowers.Dormant in summer

15. Allium falcifolium -- California native

16. Crocus goulimyi leucantha

17. Romulea diversiformis

18. Salvia patens -- blue flowers, summer growing

19. Geissorhiza radiata

20. Gladiolus grandiflorus

21. Babiana nana angustifolia -- not sure that this is the correct id. From
Bioquest so very long term ancestors. Flowers 

smell like cinnamon.

22. Romulea citrina

23. Massonia depressa

24. Delphinium cardinale-- seed from one that has mostly yellow flowers

25. Nerine krigei -- summer growing


Thank you, Mary Sue !


Best wishes,



Dell Sherk, Director, PBS BX




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