Lycoris seed production? Intergeneric hybrids?

James Waddick
Thu, 11 Sep 2008 20:30:41 PDT
>  Are there any known Lycoris X Amaryllis intergeneric hybrids?
Dear Ken,
	There are supposed crosses x Hippeastrum, Sprekelia even 
Clivia, but I am doubtful. There are lots of intrageneric crosses 
with the fertile species. Diploid Lycoris species are self fertile, 

	Kelly- your link that shows a supposed cross looks a lot like 
another picture on the same page of a "collared Amarylllis 
belladonna". Something mixed up here?

	It is very common for Lycoris carpels to swell after 
blooming, but the resulting 'pods' are hollow and without sed of any 

		BUT 'things happen' ... Good luck.		Jim W.
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