John Grimshaw
Sun, 21 Sep 2008 11:57:46 PDT
Colchicum is at its best here too, making really welcome patches of colour 
in the grass and in the border. I find them inconvenient in the border, 
because the ground must be fre of other vegetation for when they flower, 
which usually means leaving a bare patch all summer (I don't like bare 
patches), but now its all well worthwhile. Luckily it has been rather dry 
for the past 10 days or so, thank goodness, and in consequence the slugs 
aren't quite as rampant as they were at the beginning of the month, giving 
the colchies a chance.

I fully agree with Jim Waddick about their value as cut flowers and love to 
have a few vases of them in the house either mixed varieties or separately. 
Bowles wrote 'All varieties of C. speciosum [but it's true for all] are good 
for indoor decoration and when gathered will last for nearly a week in a 
bowl,with or without water. They are particularly beautiful by artificial 
light, which enhances the red tints of the blossoms.'

John Grimshaw

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