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Fri, 12 Sep 2008 16:29:40 PDT
Diana asked " Does anyone have experience growing South African oxalis in
the southern states?"

I think I've mentioned this at least twice on this forum, and I'll mention
it again to lengthen the current thread. 

I grow three here: O. 'Garnet', O. 'Ken Aslet' and O. depressa (inops).

Oxalis depressa so far has been treated as a pot plant, outside during the
summer and inside during the winter. It's blooming now. Last week, I looked
out to the garden to see another member of the household with the pot
cradled in her lap as she busily plucked out the plants. In the middle of
the pot was a volunteer seedling Perilla. My helper thought the Perilla was
"the plant" and the Oxalis were "the weeds". It's hard to get good help
these days. 

Oxalis 'Garnet' and O. 'Ken Aslet' were released into the soil of the bed of
the protected cold frame a year or two ago. They are thriving, but probably
would do better with more water. 'Ken Aslet' has burrowed under the sides of
the cold frame and appeared out in the open on the other side. It will be
interesting to see how far it goes in our climate.  

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