Boophone disticha seedlings w/twisty & w/o twisty leaves

Mon, 08 Sep 2008 17:22:52 PDT
I've been growing-on some Boophone disticha seedlings for 11 months in 4-inch square containers.  Most pots were on top of wire shelving in full sun for approx 2/3 of the day.  One pot was on the second shelf, receiving relatively bright light but little direct sun.  Those receiving direct sun are developing shorter, very twisty leaves, whereas the seedlings in the pot on the second tier, out of direct sun, are long-leaved and show little twisting.  I don't think they are any less healthy, but thought the difference in lighting conditions yielded some interesting contrast in foliage developement.  The seed parent of these was a winter-growing, August-flowering specimen with only mildly-twisted, informally-distichous leaves.  The pollen parent was a summer-growing, May-flowering specimen with very twisty, formally-distichous leaves.  The seedlings have been evergreen since germinating.  Any chance these might become permanently evergreen? 
 Here are a couple links to some snapshots:
San Diego

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