initiating bloom.

Adam Fikso
Mon, 22 Sep 2008 10:33:30 PDT
I remember  from about 66 years ago--but nobody checks old research any 
more--  because they've not been digitized and put on the web-- that time 
elapsed, since prior bloom is a factor in seasonal bloom.  Could be wrong, 
could be true.  Some of the old stuff in medicine is ignored also  And 
there's some kind fof working attitude that none of that is worthwhile., as 
in "no really"good work was done back then".

But I learned from an old pediatrician, if the antibiotics and antifungals 
don't work for resistant staph and yeast infections, etc.....Try potassium 
permanganate.  Unh--HUH!  Or even a paste made of lactobacillus applied on 
the affected parts. Clears some of those resistant infections in 48 hours. 
Leaves a startling purple stain, so it's advised  for the face, but it's OK 
in the crotch, or the feet.  Libraries are still usejul, if you go into the 

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