Habranthus and Zephyranthes

Narad narad@alltel.net
Mon, 08 Sep 2008 03:54:49 PDT
Dear All,

I am a relatively new member to the PBS and am grateful to be able to  
read the incisive and informed comments by so many members on the  
subject of bulbs and more!

In 1969 I was given the responsibility to build twelve gardens at the  
center of a new township, Auroville, in south India about 100 miles  
south of Madras, now Chennai.  The main construction of the  
Matrimandir took more than 35 years so I began a nursery to introduce  
and acclimatize flowering tropical species from all parts of the  
tropical world.  I began with the introduction of tree species and  
helped grow thousands of tree seedlings for a vast 'Green Belt' that  
surrounds the emerging township.  I hope to contribute some articles  
on the evolution of the gardens in future publications of your journal.

As I have passed the age of 70 I am no longer able to spend the summer  
months in the extreme heat and humidity so I spend part of my time in  
the U.S. where I lecture on poetry, music and tropical horticulture.   
Each year I concentrate on a particular species and this year is the  
year of rain lilies.  I have purchased and have been gifted many  
species and hybrids and have a few questions for which I would be most  
grateful to have your replies.

The first is regarding cutting back the foliage to reduce the parcel  
so that I may hand carry the bulbs.  They would be out of the ground  
for probably no more than 48 hours.  Will cutting the foliage cause a  
major set back to the bulbs?

Secondly, if I have to leave some of the bulbs here (I now have one  
hundred+ pots) can I store them in pots in a frost proof room with  
some light but no water from the end of October until my return on  
March 3rd.

Lastly, if the above is not a good option can I plant some in the  
ground to send with some of my colleagues in March?  I am in the  
Northeastern corner of Georgia, zone 7a, and can mulch the bulbs  
heavily, plant them facing south and up against a 3 foot stone wall.

Thank you for taking the time to respond and thank you all for your  
expertise and generous sharing of knowledge.

Richard M. Eggenberger
Matrimandir Gardens
Auroville 605101

Address in the U.S. is:

P.O. Box 2826
Cleveland, GA 305289
Tel: (706) 865-1258

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