Iris magnifica

Adam Fikso
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 11:55:48 PDT
Yes, David, I've since learned that T. wilsonii is an invalid epithet and a 
syn. of T. montana.    BUT  The problem I have with the synonym is that 
montana in the available  illustration on the internet is much taller than 
the wilsonii I had.  Montana is at about 6"  overall height of the flower 
stem and wilsonii was nearly sessile at ~ 2.5". (I haven't gone back to 
check the description in Flora Turkmen.    I grew it for about 8 years 
before I had to move and then it was covered up by two truckloads of soil by 
the next owner.  I couldn't rescue it.  The new owner was not a "plant 
person".   l lost some other rarities from Turkmenistan then, also, and then 
came the demise of the SSRs, and with it the loss of my contact, the demise 
of the Botanic Garden there and the loss of the yearly seed offerings from 
them, the  Delecta Seminorum. (Delectum Seminum).  This may be off topic for 
many, so feel free to reply to my personal Email address. Regards. Adam

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> Hi Adam,
> We collected some 20 different species of Tulipa, but not T.
> wilsoniana (I think that T. wilsonii is an invalid name).  In any
> event, according to Kew it comes from Turkmenistan and Iran and
> according to Botschantzeva it is "endemic to Turkmenistan".  In any
> event, we were not in either, but in Kazakhstan.
> Best regards,
> David Victor
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