finding bulbs in the strangest place

James Waddick
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 07:31:16 PDT
	Two strange bulb migrants that appear in pots and odd places 
in the ground.

	The first is Pinellia pedatisecta. Most eastern gardeners 
complain about the weediness of P. tripartita and P ternata even more 
than this species. None are especially weedy in my climate. I like 
pedatisecta the best for its larger size and handsome foliage.

	All of them have tubers that when dormant are camouflaged as 
a clod of dirt. I think some end up in the compost pile or just get 
tossed here and there, but small plants appear all over the garden 
and in pots. They  get moved to better spots.

	Likewise the odd Helicodicerous which is barely hardy here, 
has started to turn up in pots. I seem to be able to grow this in 
pots well enough that I can give away tubers now and then. Even the 
smallest tubers - less than pea size - seem to be able to develop and 

	I suppose both of these aroids can remain viable when dormant 
and dry for long periods until they find a proper situation.

		Best		Jim W.
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