The Persistence of Anemone (couldn't help myself) etc.

James Waddick
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 09:38:39 PDT
	Very interesting comments from Jim McK and Ellen. I also have 
comments from a friend in upstate NY , not too far from Ellen who 
backs up Ellen closely.

	Where happy 'White Spendor' seems aggressive and hybridizes 
with typical blue forms.

	Jim has something else going for him there  and that is not 
the case here after many years.

	Here the soil is limey, the winters as hard or harder than 
Ellen's without snow cover and semi-baking summers.

	None are aggressive, but we encourage them to spread about 
some in sun, shade and partial.

	Doesn't this point out the problem with 'Invasive Species' - 
one man's weed is anothers cosseted gem.

	And this applies to Pinellia and Helicodiceros too. The 
former are far from weedy although I gave all 3 to friend in St. 
Joseph MO about an hour's drive north. Only P pedatisecta became 
weedy on a N facing slope. He is colder and wetter there. Go figure.
	Helicoideceros is kept in my cool greenhouse for winter and 
only bloomed once. I was thrilled to see the amazing flower, but 
don't miss the associated aroma. It made no seed, but I grow it for 
the foliage which is wonderfully intricate and bizarre.  My 
foundlings are clearly very small tubers or possible bits of broken 
tuber that have developed and grown. Having divided and distributed 
tubers every other year or so, I imagine small chunks and tiny 
tuberlets could break off and find homes.

	So the Atlantic coast is different from upstate New York and 
Missouri in the Heartland. Hmmm?

		Best		Jim W.
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