some Veltheimia bracteata

Aqua Flora SA
Fri, 17 Apr 2009 10:37:50 PDT
Hi Dylan and List,

Dylan wrote: In my experience it comes perfectly true from seed...

I've had the same experience, I purchased my first and only Veltheimia
bracteata 'Lemon Flame' from a local specialist bulb nursery several
years ago. I have self pollinated this clone and all of the seedlings
are yellow. I've also noticed that the seedling's leaf bases are bright
green, whereas those of pink flowered plant are flushed reddish. This is
similar to what we see with Clivia. I wonder whether this is a reliable
way to differentiate between pink and yellow flowered seedlings?

Dylan, I've never seen or heard of white or yellow Veltheimia capensis.


(South Africa)

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