Anemone and Claytonia

Jim McKenney
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 11:09:04 PDT
Anita, you're not alone in your admiration for Claytonia. I was recently
talking to the owner of a big eastern nursery and he said something to the
effect of "I can sell every one I can get my hands on".  I had no idea it
was so popular. 

You described it well: it's doing the same thing now here in Maryland. 

As for selecting better forms, I've never gotten beyond the "some are
pinker, some are whiter" phase. 

It's not only pretty, it's interesting botanically. It's related to Lewisia,
Talinum and Portulaca. 

If anyone reading this would like to get this plant started in their place,
watch for the ripening seed in a couple of weeks. 

And if the economy tanks totally, keep in mind that you can eat the corms. 

Jim McKenney

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