OT bulb exploration and finding sundews instead

John Grimshaw j.grimshaw@virgin.net
Tue, 14 Apr 2009 23:18:35 PDT
Justin's story about sundews in Texas reminds me of a day spent bulb-hunting 
near Cape Town with Graham Duncan. We found a slope that had been burned the 
previous season, covered in the usual charred proteas that make a terrible 
mess of clothing, and thought that it looked suitable. There were plenty of 
bulbs as expected, but also masses of Drosera capensis with elongated, 
beautifully sticky leaves. Although well aware of the tuberous species in 
southern Africa it was stil a very pleasant surprise to see it there. From 
the British perspective one expects Drosera to be plants of damp places (as 
most indeed are), and to be rather insignificant, so lush stands of a large 
species on a dry hillside just 'doesn't seem quite right'!

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