Spring Anemones (A. blanda)

John Grimshaw j.grimshaw@virgin.net
Fri, 17 Apr 2009 04:13:38 PDT
Ellen Hornig wrote, on 8 April:

Both the beautiful rich blue A.
> blanda, and 'White Splendor', have been established here for - oh - 15-20
> years?  the blue ones self-sow everywhere, like crazy, ad nauseam, etc, 
> and
> they've picked up some genes from 'White Splendor', so we now have some
> large pale blues as well

Does 'White Splendour' ever set seed? I have never seen a seedling of it in 
over 25 years. Nor, though it's grown here adjacent to long-naturalised 
(i.e. at least 90 yrs)  normal blue A. blanda, have I seen an evident 'son' 
such as Ellen describes.

The usual Dutch trade stock of blue blanda varies somewhat in the shade of 
blue but I like this as when planted out it looks like a variable, natural 
population rather than a selected clone as so many commercially bulbs are. 
Here it is planted in light grass with a good bright pink lot of Cyclamen 
coum and the combination is quite striking.

John Grimshaw

Dr. John M. Grimshaw
Sycamore Cottage
GL53 9NP

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