Crinum murrayanum

Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:15:02 PDT
HI Tomas,

Crinum murrayanum hasnt yet been officially described -  the name murrayanum 
is related  to the river close to where  its populations are found  - The 
Murray River. An Australian botanist is intending to formally describe it 
and this is the name we understand will be used.

It differs from C. flaccidum in being a hexaploidal population - is much 
more robust in growth , has many more flowers, has umber coloured flower 
buds - the sepals are ellipical rather than rounded as in flaccidum, it 
grows in limestone soils and has a different flower odor to flaccidum and 
isnt winter dormant like flaccidum.  It comes from drier locations in 
southern Australia and takes advantage of any substantial rainfall 
throughout the year for leaf growth - which dies back when soil moisture is 



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> Hi,
> I need some help with a species I recently have got and it is a Crinum
> myrrayanum, I have Google for this species with no results and I think
> it might be the same as Crinum flaccidum from Australia?
> Anybody of you willing to confirm this? That it is the same species
> but with different name, which is very common in the botanical world
> and sometime very confusing.
> Best regards
> Tomas
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