Mystery plant not Tapeinia pumila

David Ehrlich
Sun, 26 Apr 2009 18:02:35 PDT
Thank you, Alberto.
  I don’t know why I didn’t consider Ixia pumilio – possibly because I got caught up with I. pumila, possibly because it’s not in our wiki.  It’s hard to distinguish between Ixia and Tritonia, especially with a coral colored flower like this.  I’ve got only a couple of either genus, and not enough experience with them.  However, as the flowers were perfectly actinomorphic, I take it to be an Ixia, possibly I. pumilio. And it is charming – I love the veining on the tepals.  Unfortunately, none of my books spends more than a sentence or two on the species, and no pictures.  I found one – only one on the internet.  It doesn’t key out in the Manning-Goldblatt-Snijman book, but then perhaps my plant is either a cultivar or a hybrid.
Thank you again,
David E.

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