Acceptable Oxalis

Michael Mace
Wed, 29 Apr 2009 15:30:40 PDT
Jane wrote:

>> O. obtusa in a warm pink hue. It IS an invasive one, swarming around in
the plunge sand among the pots

I can definitely picture O. obtusa being invasive in plunge media.  In pots,
some of them multiple explosively for me.  But in the ground I've found that
it not only doesn't spread, but tends to fade away over time in my part of

Two things seem to limit its growth:

--Unlike O. pes-caprae, it doesn't grow taller when there's competition.  So
the annual grass that dominates in California seems to choke it out.

--California's rodents love, love, love to eat Oxalis obtusa.  I would have
lost all of mine if in pots if I didn't embed chicken wire in the top of the

Have other folks found that O. obtusa is invasive in the garden?


San Jose, CA (min temp 20F) 

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