Greetings from ARGENTINA!!!
Wed, 08 Apr 2009 17:40:33 PDT
To my dear bulbous plants FANS of IBS; 
My name is Mariano R. Saviello,  I am 25 years old and I have recently got my degree in Biotechnology in the National University of Quilmes (Buenos Aires, Argentina). I am also working in a Laboratory of Molecular Microbiology in the same University doing a research in Microbiology that will be part of my thesis, when I get my master in Biotechnology in a few months. Anyway, I am plannig to start to work in another laboratory; maybe in something related with Vegetal Biotechnology, so I am really excited about this. Maybe not all of you are interested in this kind of things I have started to write, but I thought it would be good if you know something about me, so you know who is writting to you! (wish it was what Marie Sue told me as “Let´s introduce yourself!”, some months ago when she encouraged me to take part of the group).
Since I was a little child I love all kind of plants, but bulbous plants are my favourite. It is true that they need many special cares, some attention and a lot of love; but this support is always proportional with the happyness they give us in their flowering time! All the time and effort we invest is well worth!.
So, I have started to grow them since then. I was a little boy surrounded by bulbs of all colours, sizes, types and shapes running in my-in that time- big and dense garden, looking where to plant each one!. My grandfather, Nilo, was also a rose grower and used to have a huge collection of roses in Necochea, a seaside town 500 kilometres from Buenos Aires, where we have a house in which we spend every summer harvesting cherries, plums, apricots and pears. Activity shared by many members of my family.
At the moment, I have a huge collection of different bulbous plants genus and I really love to take care of them! It is my hobbie and a really healthy way to spend my free time, and switch my mind off the dayly routine.
Endemic bulbous plants take a really important place in my interests. Argentina has a very rich variety of bulbous plants, especially in the Amarillidaceae family. Big genus like Hippeastrum, Rhodophiala, Zephyranthes, Habranthus, Tristagma and Ipheion (genus I am starting to grow, but which are extremely rare) used to grow in our fields, mountains, deserts and jungles some time ago; but they are now almost extinguished due to the comercial uses that people who do not care about them but filling their pockets, do without thinking in the damage they are doing to the biodiversity of the ecosystems.
Almost a year ago -or a bit more, maybe-I read about the Pacific Bulb Society website, but it was not still some months ago, when I started thinking in taking part of this comunity, as I have said, encouraged by Marie-Sue.
As I also told you, my deep interest to preserve many bulbous plants of South America made me some time ago to start growing many rare plants from the Amaryllidaceae family (my favourite ones), specially from the genus Hippeastrum . Argentina has many different varieties growing in the wild, but they are extremely difficult to find due to the irresponsable actions of some collectionists, who take out the bulbs from the wild carrying this treasures into extinction. According to this situation, I have tryed during these last years to grow in my personal greenhouse some of these botanical species, which are in imminent danger, and breeding them in an attemp to preserve them.
The aim of this e-mail, is just to introduce myself in this virtual comunity to share my young experiences with all of you, and-of course-to learn from the vast knoledge you all post here everyday; hoping, also, to get through to other Hippeastrum fans for tradding any time. 
Needless to say, I am at your entire disposal!
Yours sincerely, 
Mariano R. Saviello (

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