Anemone b. 'White Splendour'

John Grimshaw
Mon, 20 Apr 2009 09:46:31 PDT
I have been following the discussion with some interest, after Jim Waddick's 
rather definitive pronouncement :), but have only today got round to 
checking the flowers in the garden here. Had I been asked I would have said 
that the back of the outer perianth segments was partially tinted with a 
dusky pink colour, and I'm sure that that's how they were earlier (it is 
most intense in the centre of the segment, with the basal portion being 
white). Today, however, the pink was very faint indeed, and on the older 
flowers it had disappeared completely.

This is towards the end of their season, and the weather has been warm and 
dry for much of the period. So I do think there are conditions under which 
the flowers could appear almost pure white.

'White Splendour' is a well-known clone, propagated by division (as is 
evident from received tubers), and I suspect not much troubled by rogues in 
the stock. It well deserves its Award of Garden Merit from the Royal 
Horticultural Society.

John Grimshaw

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