Tulipa wilsonii

iain@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org info@auchgourishbotanicgarden.org
Thu, 09 Apr 2009 13:14:55 PDT
Adam this is a taxon which I have had here, until last year, but won't know if it still is willing to strut its stuff again for several weeks. If it does what is it you are seeking, bulbs or seeds or both and how many / much? 

I can't promise anything obviously, one 'problem' recently has been the expansion of a wild pheasant population recently and many of our Crocus taxa - both spring and autumn flowerers - have literally bitten the dust at flowering although they valiantly return each year, Wolfhounds chasing the pheasants not withstanding, one or two other geophytes too have not benefited although the Liliums are sacrosanct, they get netted off on the precautionary principle due to periodic visits from deer and / or hares, the latter two the dogs do bump off 'cause they can't fly! This Tulipa has been here for 7- 8 years however I had not realised it was a 'bulb diver', one learns something new every day, no mean feat for one with such a small brain as mine.


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