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Jan that's a sad and frightening story indeed and I am sorry to learn that you are so disappointed. What can one say, if continental European BG's .....presumably not all......... are so laize fair then their claimed conservation credentials are a farce. However I know of, and deal with, several institutions on both the mainland of Europe and within the United Kingdom whose attitude is fundamentally different and I also know of North American institutions who exercise much are too.  Once you have flushed out the diseased material, wherever it is sent, get back in touch with me during the autumn coming and perhaps I can help in a modest way to assist you rebuild your Tulip species collection.

I am sure that you will have read Rodger Whitlock's remarks about the Dutch dealers in this same PBS issue and his views are both 'on the money' and widely echoed amongst the people whom I know of, which explains why more and more of discerning customers and keen horticulturalists, whether amateur or professional, now work from seed as diseases and miss-named plants aside bulbs that are dug up whether from cultivated stocks or otherwise are more difficult to acclimatise than those grown from seed, however so many folks want results now if not sooner and will knowingly or otherwise take risks to short circuit flowering from seed as against from bulbs. There is one so far very reliable bulb and related plants dealer based in England, (but heh we Scots have no prejudices) this company is a long standing family firm which has recently opened a branch in the USA. My experience to date, so far has generally been good, we can all pick fault but by and large they know what they are doing and can access some interesting material for the discerning gardener. They will not however be of much help to anyone attempting to grown species under unsuitable conditions, clay being my personal bĂȘte noir which I am glad no longer to have to deal with.


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