Mystery bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 09 Apr 2009 15:58:20 PDT

I gave seed last year to the BX of bulbs I grew from seed from Harry Hay of 
what was supposed to be Nothoscordum ostenii. This species has yellow 
flowers and my plants had white flowers. It has buds again (was dormant in 
summer for me, but that could have just been the way I grew it, sprouting 
in Oct). Can anyone give me an idea of what species it is? We  have some 
South American members of our list and I'm wondering if any of them 
recognize it.

I've added pictures of the leaves to the Mystery page along with pictures 
of the flowers. The bulbs got big so I am growing it in a very deep pot. I 
don't think I remembered last year to smell them, but can do that when they 
bloom if that will help.…

This one really does look different to me than the weedy one that I've 
destroyed that I grew from seed often labeled as other more desirable 
things and that I have seen loose in great numbers in various botanical 

Mary Sue

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