Iris magnifica

Adam Fikso
Tue, 07 Apr 2009 10:28:52 PDT
David.  You didn't chance to collect Tulipa wilsonii did you? I've been 
trying to find it for for about 35 years now, since I moved and lost my 
central Asian stuff.  It had come from the botanic garden in Soviet 
Turkmenistan. Or, if anybody knows of a source ?    It's a "sinker" and 
ordinarily lives about a foot below the surface of the ground. .

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> Hi all,
> Whilst I hesitate to disagree with a plantsman as able as Iain, I
> feel that I should put up some slightly different experience.  Last
> July I collected a number of Juno's in central Asia, including I.
> orchioides, I. willmottiana and I. kuschakewiczii, as well as a wide
> range of other types of Iris, Tulipa, Eremurus and Allium.  All of
> these were sown in September and put out in covered cold frames for
> the winter.  Whilst we had low temperatures by our standards, they
> did not fall below minus seven Celsius and, these pots were probably
> protected from the worst of that.  In any event, around 95% of the
> species sown, i.e. around 150, have germinated with great success,
> mainly over the past two months.  The only issue now is how to handle
> the thousands of seedlings!
> For the record, the sowing was done in a fifty-fifty mix of soil
> based compost with vermiculite, with a covering of course gravel, in
> the kind of pots normally used for pond plants.  The bottom half of
> the pot was filled with a mix of soil based compost and fine gravel.
> Best regards,
> David Victor,
> Bedfordshire, UK
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