Planting soil

Tomas Sandberg
Wed, 22 Apr 2009 04:13:32 PDT
Hi all,

Anyone else here at the PBS using Namiba Terra Basycx substrate / soil?
I have used this for more than a year now with very good results, it  
is expensive yes, but it works much better for my plants instead of  
the so well used peat soil.

Here is a link:

And I do not have any greenhouse when we lives in an apartment so my  
conditions differ maybe from those having their own house and ev. a  
greenhouse I have to rely to the windows and my extra flower lights in  
our apartment.

I usually mix this with some gravel/sand, perlit, spaghnum or whatever  
I have at home in plantingmateria, I also use dry bamboo leafes and  
South American spaghnum, lava and all mixes depends on which species  
I'm going to plant.

This is a substrate made for reptiles but it seems to be exellent as  
plant soil too, and there is no fungus or insects in this substrate  
(they have treated it) it costs approx 50-60 USD for 20 litre incl.  

The consistency of this soil is very pleasant if you take it between  
your fingers and just feel it.

I have one small bulb of Scadoxus cinnabarinus for trade, if you are  
interested please contact me.

Best regards

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