Mystery plant not Tapeinia pumila
Mon, 27 Apr 2009 05:21:11 PDT
> We've had discussions in the past about Tritonia dubia which a number of us grew thinking it was Ixia pumilio.

And what was the conclusion - how do you tell the difference?  I had a quick look to see if I could spot an answer in the archives but was unsuccessful if the discussion was lodged there.
The reason I am interested is that we grow one of these at Wisley, currently under the name of Ixia pumilio but now I am not so sure:…
It is also offered by nurseries such as Cotswold Garden Flowers:
<… 2005&width=400&height=300>

Without the whole plant to hand it is difficult to get the full sense of whether it is one or the other.  However, the Wisley plant appears to have parallel veination on the tepals rather than the more branched veination in David's photograph.  Is this a good character or are there others I should be looking for?



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