New Photos Uploaded to Wiki - Scadoxus, Neomarica & Oxalis
Sun, 26 Apr 2009 19:04:38 PDT
Hi Pieter and all,
Thanks so much to all for sharing your?photos.? The wiki is about the best "book" on bulbs around.? I share it with many people who want to learn more about bulbs.
Blooming here in Phoenix, AZ, USA today: freesia laxa, several Moreas (all purple), ornithogalum dubium (orange and yellow) and a few hangers-on oxalis.? It?has been up to nearly one hundred degrees F here so most bulbs are going in dormancy.
But I also grow cactus and succulents and there is quite a show going on with Lobevias,?Echinopsis and Trichocereus going full swing into their bloom time.? Also Parodia, Notocactus,?Sulcorebutias and?Echinocereus putting on their spring fashion show!? It is a great time of year in the Sonoran Desert!
C eleste G ornick?

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Dear PBS members,

I've uploaded a few more photos to the Wiki!

Firstly, Scadoxus cyrtanthiflorus photos 
Kind regards,

Pieter van der Walt
(South Africa)

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