Crinum murrayanum

Adam Fikso
Thu, 30 Apr 2009 14:47:02 PDT
Tomas:  You have two different spellings for the Crinum.  Myrrayanum with 
the first "y"does not exist  But maybe you've figured this out already.

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Subject: [pbs] Crinum murrayanum

> Hi,
> I need some help with a species I recently have got and it is a Crinum
> myrrayanum, I have Google for this species with no results and I think
> it might be the same as Crinum flaccidum from Australia?
> Anybody of you willing to confirm this? That it is the same species
> but with different name, which is very common in the botanical world
> and sometime very confusing.
> Best regards
> Tomas
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