Acceptable Oxalis

Adam Fikso
Wed, 29 Apr 2009 10:08:17 PDT
Thanks Christiaan--Welcome information about temperatures.  Despite years of 
training, I still think automatically in Fahrenheit, (only) -- and "quite 
winter hardy" for you at -5° C is still 20 F degrees away from our winter 
lows. So for me to think about selecting anything to grow here in the 
Chicago means that I'd need a list of desirable plants at Sutherland and 
then I'd check to see which of those withstood our winters here.   I'm sure 
that most folks in the PBS can get away with growing almost anything from 
South Africa. (No,  I know it's not really true.)  Might such a list be 
handy to you , say-- in the form of plants available from a local nursery 

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> Hi all
> Most of the winter growing south african species of Oxalis should be quite
> winter hardy. Some beautiful species and forms are found in the vicinity 
> of
> Sutherland, which is regarded as the coldest place in South Africa, with
> daytime (winter) temperatures often below 5 degrees Celsius, and night
> temperatures well below zero(up to -15 !). (Over the whole year an average
> low of 3 degrees, and an average high of 20.5, according to

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