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Kelly O'Neill
Tue, 31 Mar 2009 23:53:22 PDT
> As I mentioned, Bti is specific to Diptera. Caterpillars belong to 
> Lepidoptra. So Bti won't affect them bu Btk will.

I'm sure product marketers and supporters say this and it may be true. I'm 
not convinced yet. Plain Bt was used to kill catapillars before the new sub 
strains were developed. I do believe a sub strain of bacteria can have target-
specific-action. I'm just not sure Bt substrains are as specific as claimed. Btk 
seems to have worked to kill my Diptera. I would suppose the theory of 
target-specific-action should have made my effort unsuccessful? On 
Wikipedia I see:
"There is clear evidence from laboratory settings that Bt toxins can affect 
non-target organisms. Usually, but not always, affected organisms are 
closely related to intended targets (reviewed in Lovei and Arpaia 2005 and 
Hilbeck and Schmidt 2006). Typically, exposure is through the consumption 
of plant parts such as pollen or plant debris or through Bt ingested by their 
predatory food choices. Nevertheless, due to significant data gaps, the real-
world consequences of Bt transgenics remains unclear."

I did not want to comment further on this topic and will try not to do so again. 
I just could not help respond to what I see as "industry speak" stated as fact. 
I may have missed seeing well done independent studies that show I am 
mistaken? I do not know the full truth of this situation. I'm just not yet 
convinced others do either.

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