Bountiful Bulbs Need Dividing

Arnold Trachtenberg
Sun, 19 Apr 2009 16:20:04 PDT

What about colchicum? Can I wait until fall, as their flowers fade or 
must it be as the leaves yellow off in June?

I move mine just after the foliage turns brown and there is only the 
hole in the ground where the leaves once  were.  I have used a wooden 
tongue depressor to dig them.   Learned a lesson after slicing one in 
half a couple of years ago.  I use the hole to follow down to the bulb.

I wouldn't move the Frittilaria imperialis.  They are very fussy bulbs 
and you may not be so lucky in the new location  My yellow one is 
flowering its head off right now under a Russian medlar tree.


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